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Simply put, what we’re after is not so simple. A completely reimagined creative industry. One where inanimate designs have the capacity to feel and react. Because the world, now more than ever, aches for a new form of communication. 

We created RGKit for you. For the innovators, the creators and the stereotype breakers. A design tool -the very first one- for brands and creative agencies to transform their static designs and displays into interactive spaces…to smash the static quo.

Now, it is time to go further. It is time to democratize interactive environments.

So, we’re launching RGKit Market for the independent retailers, mom-and-pop shops, growing brands and all you creative DIYers. To enable you to offer the truly engaging store window experiences your customers need, and to do it easily and affordably. Interactive experiences that are just a click away from you. 

RGKit Market, by Argineering is an online market place for interactive displays, that will be launched by end of October 2019. Here’s how it goes. First, you’ll browse through a wide range of various storefront interactive designs uploaded by independent designers. When you settle on the design you like, you can purchase it along with the RGKit Modules required. After you receive your order, you can then follow the step-by-step instructions to transform your storefront into an interactive engaging space.

Browse RGKit Market. Buy designs. Get RGKit. Make it move. All on your own. Interactive environments for you, and by you. It’s that simple!

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