The Tree of Christmas Gifts – Rotating Base


Gifts under the Christmas tree, gifts on the Christmas tree, gifts are the Christmas tree? Well as long as there are gifts we are happy.




The backdrop features sketched gifts forming the shape of a Christmas tree. In front of it is an eye-catching rotating wooden base covered with a printed Staufen PVC in white and green stripes, on which your product will be placed; the best gift of them all. Based on the type of interaction you choose, the rotating element is activated by either when someone touches the glass or when someone is nearby.

Maximum weight on wooden base: 3kg

What's in the box?

  • One wooden base (to be assembled)
  • One base cover: Staufen PVC  body + Staufen PVC top
  • Two RGKit Modules: 1 Rotator (motor) + 1 Touch/Proximity (sensor)
  • RGKit Accessories (To be used for mounting RGKit Modules onto the design)
  • Accessories (To be used in assembling and mounting the display parts)
  • Two printed vinyl stickers (To be used in the interaction area)
  • One PVC banner with printed design on the front and the back (Only available if a backdrop was chosen)

Items You May Need


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 47 cm
Interaction Type

Touch Module, Proximity Module


Red, Green, White

Backdrop Type

L Shape Backdrop, Straight Backdrop, No Backdrop