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4 tips and tricks to create a customer experience this holiday for your shop display

The best time of the year is knocking on our doors, and we couldn’t be more excited. One of the things we love about it is its power to transform shops into a magical experience. So it is now officially the time for you to double your efforts and go the extra mile with your shop display. Not only are Christmas shoppers expecting stores to compete for their attention, but in this day and age they’re expecting an experience. Holiday season is your golden ticket to create a memorable experience for your customers and engage with them.

So here are our 4 tips and tricks to create a customer experience for your shop display.

Not only are Christmas shoppers expecting stores to compete for their attention, but in this day and age they’re expecting an experience.

Photo by Arseny Togulev
Photo by Arseny Togulev

What’s the story here?

The first thing to do is to come up with a story or theme for your display. It is crucial that you stick to it, maintaining consistency throughout your store (and social media platforms too!). This story is the first entryway to offer your customers a holistic experience. It’s how they’ll identify with the brand, relate to it and remember it.

So your story could be Santa’s Kitchen, Nutcracker’s Journey, Snow in the City or whatever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, but it has to have a clear and defined message, which brings us to the next point.

Photo by Markus Spiske
Photo by Markus Spiske

Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism!

Don’t. Overdo. It. It’s that simple. Sometimes getting inspired about different ideas generates a powerful and unique combination, but other times it could lead to a cluttered display with too many messages at once. First, keep step one in mind; what’s your theme and story? Let it guide you to decide one key focal point for your display. After you decide the most important thing you want your customers to notice start designing around it.

It’s important to note here that while cluttering is not a good option, but creating a one-dimensional display could also fail to attract your customers. Start by making sure your focal point is at eye-level, so it is the first thing people notice. Then begin adding the other elements to compliment it. Experiment with different heights and explore adding depth, until you find the best option that works for you. Keep in mind your goal: stop at your shop.

Photo by Hareez Hussaini
Photo by Hareez Hussaini

Shed some light

Most times lighting is overlooked as something trivial. But light could play a great role in setting the vibe of your display and attracting the right customer. You got your story and your theme, now what mood do you want set? What emotions do you want to evoke? You could go all the way from dramatic to cosy depending on the type, placement, warmth of you light.

First take notice of the surroundings of your shop and how they will affect or compliment your lighting. For example, lights from the neighboring shops, lights from the street and sunlight. Then decide how you’ll stand out from your surroundings, while not being too distracting.

Remember the focal point you set? Light can be crucial in highlighting it and directing people’s eyes right towards it. You can make use of accent lighting to make sure the most important parts are the ones that pop. It will also be useful to reduce glares and shadows. Another tip is to add lighting from the sides and front of the display, and avoid lights directly from the top to reduce harsh shadows. Side lights are also great at giving an effect of depth making your shop window appear bigger. Finally, don’t hold back and go for some bold colored lighting, but only if they compliment your display.

Charles Tyrwhitt display powered by RGKit
Charles Tyrwhitt display powered by RGKit

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of technology

No, it doesn’t always have to be complicated or overpriced. Using technology to your benefit can really go a long way in attracting your customers. A greatly designed display, that catches the eye and invokes emotions is amazing. A greatly designed display, that encourages people to interact with it is something else. More and more brands are going towards integrating technology in their displays. It can sometimes seem too complicated and way too expensive. But it doesn’t have to be this way. For easy DIY moving displays that react to your customers check out these Christmas displays at our store:

At the end it’s all about this…

Give them a reason to go into you shop other than shopping. Make your shop a place they can talk about, remember and share. Create this engaging relationship and they’ll keep coming back. Happy holidays!

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